An easy-to-use online voting tool for your Congress.

In just three steps:

The audience get onto the wifi network

They enter name)

They vote





Collecting Responses Anywhere & Everywhere
Voting can take place in every room and/or session for the duration of the congress for one and the same price: the educational outcome will be greatly enhanced by the possibility of receiving feedback from all the delegates of a given session.

Instant Statistics
Responses and reports can be exported as Excel, PDF, Google, CSV or XML documents
2POLL automatically exports the results of all voting sessions in Excel format so that they can be quickly presented and evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

Annual License
2POLL provides an annual license allowing an unlimited number of voting sessions, in accordance with the terms of use licensed under the agreement.
2POLL allows interactive voting in courses and congresses by 10 to 20,000 people.
Vote using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.




There’s no need to hire voting devices
Why should I pay the high cost of voting devices when delegates can vote using their smartphone, tablet or laptop?
And it works regardless of the operational system they use! Whether smartphones are android or iphone; whether tablets are ipads or androids; and whether laptops are Mac o PCs, 2POLL uses the website system, which allows all delegates to vote without any system incompatibilities.

There’s no need to hire a technician to pre-program the questions
2POLL is a tool used in both congresses and schools, which is programmed so that clients themselves can quickly and easily:

Making the Secretariat’s Work Easier
2POLL can be used for interactive case report discussions but also to conduct satisfaction surveys at the end of each session. Results are instantly transmitted to the Society’s Secretariat.