Why Choose Jointogether Group?




Competitive Advantages


Expertise & Stability

  • Knowledgeable workforce: the team members have advanced education/training degrees on their fields of expertise.
  • Stability: the team members have a minimum of 10 years of working experience with Jointogether Group and the team managers have been working together for more than 15 years, always linked to the group.


  • Performance: the latest technologies contribute to deliver a high-performance service.
  • Flexibility: the software products developed by Jointogether Group are recognized by the clients to be top of the market in flexibility.
  • Reliability: more than fifty congresses per year over the past 5 years without failures or major incidents to report.

Successful Track Record

  • Successful track record: in a very dynamic and competitive business industry, Jointogether Group has been able to extend the range of products offered and is establishing itself as a relevant contender offering an integrated solution.
  • Loyal client base: the vast majority of the clients are with Jointogether Group in a long-term relation.

Customer Service

  • First-class service: Jointogether Group delivers a first-class service, with unlimited support and fast response times.